So simple that you'll end up saying "OMG! This is the best gifting experience ever!"
There are times when gifting is just tedious! What do you buy?Will the person like it?
Oh My God!

Let's just cut through all the talk and the doubts, and you getting overwhelmed with gifting, shall we? is our answer to your gifting needs, wherever you are on the globe! We have made gifting a simple process and you're now welcome to be a witness to the 'Flipside to Gifting' A radical and new experience awaits our customers and will definitely leave you wanting to gift more. OMG wishes you a Happy Gifting Experience! (Anytime, Anywhere...OMG!)

Happy Gifting Everybody!

Select gifts and send your selection to the person receiving the gift.
The person receiving the gift laden email selects a preferred gift, all done via email.
Delivery address is added and the sender is informed about the selection.
Sender makes the payment and OMG... The gift is ready to be delivered!

Time You got gifting. Your first step to gifting is starts with registering with us.

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